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This Informational Guide is brought to you by the authors of California Drunk Driving Law, a two-volume treatise referred commonly to by lawyers as "the Bible of DUI Defense in California."


An Informational Guide to Drunk Driving
Defense In Napa County, California

American Canyon – Angwin – Calistoga – Deer Park – Napa – Oakville – Pope Valley – Rutherford - Saint Helena - Yountville

Obtaining Police Report

Unless there was an accident, it is generally not possible to obtain a police officer’s written report on the incident before your court date.  Even then, the arresting agency will most likely only give you the traffic collision report, as opposed to the arrest report.  It is the latter report that will contain the more pertinent information about the criminal charges against you.

Please remember, it is rarely advisable to talk to a law enforcement officer or district attorney about the facts of your case.  Even statements that might seem helpful to your cause could destroy a potential defense, so you should always talk to an experienced drunk driving lawyer before saying  anything to anyone.                                                                                  

With that in mind, the following is a list of various law enforcement agencies in Napa County:

Napa County Sheriff

St. Helena Police Department

Calistoga Police Department

Napa Valley College Police

For police departments not listed, visit www.usacops.com


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